Philosophy is the questioning of shit

Philosophy = questions, questions and even more questions.

I did not realise this before I enrolled in a philosophy class during my first year of university.

Challenge myself, I said. It might be fun, I said. Well, the class turned out to be more of a challenge than it was fun.

I am the only one to blame for being unaware of the impending doom I had brought upon myself. First of all, I signed up to the class NOT EVEN knowing what philosophy was. Sure, I had heard of Plato, but I was not familiar with his work. I just knew he was a Greek dude with a very cool name.


Also, I have no time for questioning things. I am very straight-to-the-point. I just want the direct answer and none of this fluffing around business, questioning anything and everything in existence. What is a drink bottle? What does it mean to be a man? Do we really exist. Well, WHO EVEN CARES??

So, that was all I gained from that philosophy class. That, and an even greater student loan. But never mind.

On a positive note, without taking this philosophy class, I would never discovered that it was a subject field I wanted to stay clear from. As far away from as possible. Like, the distance between New Zealand and America. Or the distance between Pluto and the sun. What ever is greater.

Taking a wide variety of classes in my first year, including film, media studies and history, led to my discovery of Classical Studies and International Relations. I realised that they were both subject fields I wanted to pursue. Thus, both became my BA majors.

So maybe I am not meant to become a philosopher. But I can live with that.

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