My Summer in 4 Poems

1. Boredom

Boredom in the holidays is a common phenomenon.

Oh gosh, why did I choose to use the word phenomenon?

I surf in the holidays, I surf the inter-web.

And I will continue to do so until late Feb.

I surf Facebook, I surf Instagram.

I surf Twitter and on Tinder I look for a man.

But suddenly, I get quite a surprise!

I feel a sudden desire to go outside,

To see what is happening in the real word.

Not much, I discover.

Not much at all.

So I go back inside and continue to surf.

2. Bugs. 

My god, the bugs are everywhere.

There are flies, there are mosquito.

There are wasps and there are bees.

And then there are spiders which do whatever they please.

These bugs bite and sting.

They walk on their four or more legs.

They have pincers and they have sharp teeth.

They have googly eyes upon their heads.

But there is only so much bug spray can do.

Killing them all is not the solution.

For all of their bad qualities, bugs, for the most part are quiet.

Except for cicada, which are the epitome of noise pollution.

3. TV

I flick to America football.

I have no idea what the players are doing.

I watch an rerun of Judge Judy.

To see who old Glenda is suing.

I keep up with the Kardashians on E!

The news constantly plays on Fox and CNN.

I watch Dog with a Blog on Disney.

Botched shows me photos of plastic surgery victims, now and then.

My parents judge my television programme choices and ask me why.

I tell them that there is nothing on fricken Sky (our television provider).

4. The Heat

My god is it hot. Well, it is NZ hot (ranging from 23 – 30 degrees Celsius). I enjoy the change of weather but I’m not so crazy about the constant sweating whilst doing nothing.

Every New Zealand Christmas is typically hot.

In the northern hemisphere, it usually is not.

Kiwis play beach cricket and eat pavlova.

We get really cool jandle tans.

Our sunburns are wicked.

Mitre 10 Mega sells lots of fans.

Every Kiwi student is free from university and school.

We spend our time chilling at beaches, the mall or local pool.

Parents cannot wait for the school holidays to end.

I wish my parents would stop asking me when.

So here is a glimpse of my summer,

In 400 words, here you go.

Some information I am sure

You never wanted to know.

Watch out, Dr. Seuss.

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