Toasters Scare Me

Toasters are among my top 5 irrational fears. They are as follows:

1. Slender Man

2. Dropping my Iphone down a toilet

3. The Grudge

4. Karaoke

5. Toasters

I have had bad experiences with toasters. One particular event has left me psychologically scarred.

This summer, I moved into a new apartment. I used a toaster which was unfamiliar to me. This was my first mistake. Let’s call this toaster George. So, George has some issues. He is old and cheaply made. Consequently, he refuses to pop the toast himself. Instead, the toast will continue to be toasted until it burns. George only has one setting for toast: charred.

One morning, around 9 am, I had just woken up and was preparing breakfast. I placed two slices of bread into the toaster which, unbeknownst to me, would burn two minutes later. The smell of smoke soon filled my nose. My heart began racing and my adrenaline kicked in. Without hesitation, I grabbed the toast and threw both pieces out of the nearest window. What can I say? I panicked!

Quickly, the smoke left the kitchen through open windows although the burning smell lingered for the rest of that day. I was lucky to not set off the fire alarm. In my apartment complex, one apartment’s fire alarm can set off the whole building’s alarm system. Thus, the fire service is called and the resident is left with a hefty fee.

I never want to be the person responsible for the evacuation and potential burning of a building.

Additionally, toasters scare me because of the suspense involved with waiting for toast to pop. I would busy myself with making coffee or cleaning up the kitchen to reduce the anticipation. However, my efforts are useless. To this day, I still jump when toast is ejected.

Needless to day, I only eat cereal for breakfast now.

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