Signs you are a Public Transport Pro

1. Your personal space is constantly being invaded. You are simply used to this. There is no such thing as a personal bubble on planes, trains and automobiles.

2. You are not fazed by public transport in flu season. Either you are already sick or you have accepted your fate – that you will most likely be infected by fellow sick passengers.

On public transport, the germ game is strong. There is always at least one person who coughs/sneezes without covering their mouth. The phrase ‘sharing is caring’ definitely DOES NOT apply to these circumstances.

3. You know exactly how long it takes until you reach your stop, when you can depart from this hell-on wheels.

4. You come prepared to public transport with music to block out the disruptive noises of shrieking school girls, crying babies and loud drunk people.

5.  You have mastered the skill in avoiding eye contact with fellow passengers. In fact, you have earned a black belt in this field. Avoiding the intent gazes of curious children and creepy individuals is second nature to you.

6. You have come to realise that a timetable is a mere prediction of the time a train/bus will arrive. It is not accurate. Your experience of buses and trains arriving earlier and later than expected has lowered your faith in public transport and also humanity.

If you can relate to most or all of these signs, please pat yourself on the back. You are a Public Transport Professional.

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