Embarrassing Moment Monday

Embarrassing Moments: Everyone has ’em but nobody wants them.

They are identifiable by the humiliation endured on your part and ever lasting memories your brain refuses to forget. Ever.

One of my most embarrassing moments took place when I was 11.

In 2008, I had my first day at a new school. On a Monday morning in February, I anxiously dressed myself in the over-sized school uniform I was to grow into. My hair was tied back, my fugly school regulation school shoes polished. Soon after, I hopped in my mum’s car and was driven to school. My first impression of my new school was that it was vacant. The grounds were completely empty. I thought it was because I arrived early and this was partially true.

I had arrived a day early. 

Schools opened the next day. Whoops.

I had never been so humiliated in my eleven years of life.

On the ride back home, I slunk so far back into my seat in an attempt for it to absorb me. I hoped that no-one I knew would see me in my school uniform. I succeeded until I arrived home where my brother would give me shit for this for the next few weeks.

Never have I ever wanted to disappear into thin air as much as that day in 2008.

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