High School Memories Fade

Today in New Zealand, the exam results of secondary school students are released online.

About 3 years today, I was one of those anxious students refreshing the results page every four seconds, eventually crashing the website.

I would never enjoy the summer holidays until I knew the outcome of my exams. Did I do just enough to pass? That seems to be standard I was aiming for in high school. Luckily, I would pass Maths, my worst subject and even get A’s and B’s in English and History.

Three years have passed since I graduated from high school. Looking back on the teachers that taught me at my high schools, I find it difficult to remember their names and even what they looked like. However, I still remember the teachers I considered to be bad as they still pop up in my nightmares from time to time.

My Facebook feed reminds me which of my former class mates have children, are travelling overseas and those whom practically live at night clubs. The mates I remember well are the ones who I am still friends with today.

These men and women were people I used to see daily, 5 times a week, for years on end. A couple years later and I struggle to remember them.

I will try to cherish the experiences I have today. Some experiences will become memories I will remember forever and some I will simply forget, like the memories of my former teachers and class mates.

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