Wellington Waterfront Fun

On the 15th of January, I spent a whole day with a group of friends on the Wellington waterfront.

An overcast morning in Wellington with no wind would develop into a hot, sunny afternoon.

Wellington Waterfront

Stalls on the waterfront offers a variety of food and crafts.

View of the waterfront

View of the waterfront

First activity of the day: Crocodile Bikes. These are awesome bikes in the shape of crocodiles. Anyone can see one of these coming from a distance.

These bikes can sit up to five people in the larger Crocodile Bikes, or 2-3 people in the smaller ones. For half an hour, a large bike costs $25. Since we had four people on a bike, the total for each person was only NZ$6.25.

Crocodile Bikes

Crocodile Bikes, The Enormous Crocodile Company

We cycled up Oriental Parade, overlooking a few beaches Wellington has to offer. Dodging joggers, children and dogs, it was a miracle that nobody was run over. The bell attached to each bike warned people ahead of our forthcoming arrival. Basically, it was a signal to get the HELL OUT OF THE WAY. Our driver, Rocky was erratic to say the least. We only crashed once.

To be fair, the Crocodile Bike behind us seated the other half of our group. Before departing, we were challenged to a race between both bikes. For most of the journey, our friends were positioned behind us but they took an opportunity to speed up and move to the left in attempt to pass us. However, Rocky swerved our bike in their direction, blocking them and thus, we placed 1st.

While one individual is responsible for the steering and the brakes, everyone pedals the bike.

Short of breath and red faced from our peddling effort under a hot sun, we went in search of gelato. Kaffee Eis is located at Frank Kitt’s Lagoon, a five minute walk from the Crocodile bikes. They offer a range of gelato flavours including coffee, mint and white chocolate and raspberry.

Kayaks on the waterfront

Kayaks on the waterfront

Our group of 8 split into two. Those who aspired to soar to great heights went indoor rock climbing. Those who wanted to stay closer to the ground went inline roller skating around the waterfront.

Fergs Kayaks on Queens Warf offers rock climbing, paddle boards, bikes, Air Wheels and kayaks for hire. For half an hour, we hired a pair of inline roller skates for $10.

After gearing up, merely getting off the ground proved to be problematic. What goes up, must come down! After dragging a helpful friend with an outstretched arm down with me, I grabbed up to the nearest pole and hauled myself up.

The fear of falling over tested my nerves but after I became used to having wheels on my feet, I was off and flying. Somehow, I managed to stay on my feet the whole time. I was soon skating faster, turning and having a great time.

Exhausted from our day, we ate some more food and headed home. Overall, the day was a success. Great people, fun activities and brilliant weather makes this an experience I won’t forget.

I highly recommend visiting Wellington’s waterfront. 10/10.

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