A Whole New World

As a child, I always loved sick days. I loved seeing what went on in the world, things I would usually miss while I attended school. More importantly, a day off school was the best kind of day you could get.

It turns out that not much happens outside school, not much at all. But I found the concept of staying at home exciting regardless.

I am exactly the same today, at age 20. The main difference now is that I take sick days from work, rather than school.

Working 8 hour Sunday shifts for the last two years has made me accustomed to missing things that happen and could happen on that day.

Unfortunately, the cider I drank last night at a party meant me waking up with a wicked hang over this morning. I called in sick to work and from then on, experienced a whole new world. Well, not quite.

My morning was spent between my bed and the bathroom, although I finally recovered after a little five hour mid-day nap. I spend the rest of my day watching movies with my mum and my cat. I enjoyed this day, the latter half more than the first.

I don’t get the chance to hang out with my mum much during the year when I live in a different city and go to university. So every chance I have to spend with her I relish.

Although I wouldn’t recommend having a hangover but I do recommend quality family time, even if it is in front of a television.

: )

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