Slamming Teen Slang

I am only 20 but so far, in my adulthood, I have discovered that keeping up with current teen slang is difficult.

I feel like an uncool parent who hangs around young people to stay ‘hip’ with the ‘kids.’ Here are some confusing and generally stupid teen slang terms:

Selfie – taking a photo of yourself and friends posing on a cell phone/camera.

“That ratchet girl takes too many selfies.”

I do not hate selfies but I hate how they have led to the invention of a new product – the selfie stick.

Bae – shortened word meaning babe or baby.


I have a problem with this word. Firstly, by shortening ‘babe’ to ‘bae’ YOU ARE CUTTING OUT ONE LETTER! Babe/baby are not difficult words to say!

Fleek – a word used to describe the awesomeness of one’s eyebrows. How we live in an age obsessed with eyebrows, I do not know. Apparently the word ‘cool’ is no longer cool. I feel so irrelevant.

“Her eyebrows are on fleek!”

Slay – to ‘kill’ or do well at something.

“I slayed at beer pong.”

Beer pong

Basic – describes someone who is stupid or boring.

DO NOT confuse this with the scientific term ‘basic,’ relating to the pH scale. Although, if you are like me and you did, that would make you basic.


Turnt – getting drunk.

“Tonight lets get turnt up.”

Most of the people who use this term are underage drinkers but that is none of my business.

I admit that I had to google the definitions of some of these terms. S/o to Urban Dictionary.

So bae, I hope I slayed at slamming this basic list of teen slang. Let’s get turnt!

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