If You See Me Running, You’d Better Be Running Too

I am not a natural runner. Running is hard. I like to say that if you ever see me running, you had better be running too because either;

A. There is a Godzilla-like monster chasing after me OR

B. Someone announced that there is free cake a block away.

Motivating myself to go for a run (in case of said scenarios above) is difficult. But here are a few tips from a running novice:

  1. Run where no-one can see you. I am self-conscious of my running. Once, a friend of mine told me that when I ran, I reminded her of Phoebe Buffay running in Friends. I find it easier to run alone, where there are no witnesses. Recently, I found a quiet park close to my house where I can ‘run’ without an audience.
  2. Mix running with walking. I struggle to run for a set period of time. Thus, I walk for a distance to lower my heart rate (and chances of dying) until I feel ready to run again.
  3. Dress in your workout clothes ASAP. Lace up your running shoes and put on a t-shirt. It is less tempting to stay in your pajamas and binge watch Netflix for five hours this way. I find that when I am dressed to workout, I actually exercise because it’s easier to leave my house than go to my room and change clothes.
  4. Run during the coolest parts of the day. Temperature wise, I mean, not the actual ‘cool’ parts of your day. Running in the morning or evening makes running easier as it reduces the chances of dehydration and getting a sunburn.
  5. Listen to music that will make you forgive yourself for going running. Forgiveness is important. Although I feel good after I have gone for a run, I play my music loud enough to block out the curse words I say in my head.

I hope to become a better runner this year so if someone ACTUALLY announces a free cake race, I can beat all the other suckers and get a slice.


  1. Kevin · January 20, 2015

    Great advice. Gotta do whatever will get you out there. Have fun at it.

  2. Kevin · January 20, 2015

    Reblogged this on In the Shadow of the Rockies – Calgary Running and commented:
    If there is ever a free cake race, you want to be sure you are the fastest one out there out you will miss out.

    Great tips on how to get out the door to get your run in so you can be the fastest one out there

  3. Kevin · January 20, 2015

    Great perspective. Just get out there and run.

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