Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario – that’s what my rock band would be called if I had one. And if I had an instrument I could play. And if I had any musical ability at all.

Since the music gods had chosen to skip me when they were blessing those who would be musically inclined, I give YOU permission to use this awesome name for your own band.

Getting back to the relevance of the title, I have a certain go-to motto for life:

Things could be better, but things could be worse.

Occasionally, certain people/events/situations get me down. Sometimes several of these things compound, leaving me stressed, anxious and miserable. Thinking about this motto helps cheer me up and remind me to be grateful for the things that I have. It reminds me that some problems are temporary and opportunities for me to grow.

When I serve a rude customer at my part-time job (in a grocery store), I feel grateful that I only have to deal with them for a few minutes until they leave. Afterwards, I find it helps to talk to my work mates about such experiences and they cheer me by explaining the worse experiences they have had.

After I have a fight with my mum, I realise that we cannot go long not speaking to each other anyway. She has a special way of making me smile even when I am mad and resent her for doing so : )

When I get bombarded with assignments and readings at university, I picture the day after they are all due, when I can relax and reward myself for the hard work I put in.

Everyone has bad experiences but it’s important to try and have a positive outlook, even when it is really difficult. I hope this motto helps you too.

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