Public Transport Personalities

Over the years of experience I have had travelling on public transport, I have observed and noted a common trend in types of passengers. Here are some:

1. The Shotgunn-er

The man or woman who places a bag/item on an empty seat beside them. I can only imagine that they are reserving this seat for their imaginary best friend.

2. Mr/Mrs Friendly

Opposite of the Shotgunn-er. There are empty seats all around but without fail, this stranger will sit right next to you.

3. Bus Driver/Ticket Collector

Sometimes they bite your head off for not having smaller change than a $20, other times they are welcoming and lovely people.

4. The Personal Space Invader 

Fancy name for an un-fancy type of person. They have no concept of personal space. Once asleep, their heads might just roll over until it is left resting on your shoulder. You are left feeling awkward and have absolutely no idea what to do. Personal bubble? Pfff.

Photo 10-01-15 7 42 48 pm

5. School Students

Loud, hyped up teenagers with raging hormones and seemingly unclosable mouths. You hear these people before you even see them. After school has ended for the day, their behaviour strongly resembles that of zoo animals set free from their cages.

It is best to encounter this strange group of human beings in the mornings, when they are silent/sleeping and most certainly brooding.


You and everyone around you gets the chance to learn all about Yvonne and the day she has had because of her SHOUTING IN A PHONE CALL. You are informed about her four sons, her government job and the dreadful salad she had for lunch that day. All in all, you learn far too much information about a stranger you never desired to know.

These individuals have no idea what an ‘inside voice’ is and when to use it.

7. The Boombox

They are the modern day equivalent to the kids who walked around the street with a blasting boombox resting on their shoulders. The Boomboxers act as your personal DJ (that you never wanted to have). They decide what low-quality music should be blaring from their cell phones.

You don’t want to hear EDM music at 9am? That’s too bad.

I hope you enjoyed this list. Part 2 to Public Transport Personalities will be out soon.


  1. Tessa Jane · January 31, 2015

    Hahaha oh my god I love this! Your blog is great!

    • oliviasev · February 1, 2015

      Thanks Tessa. That’s greatly appreciated!

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