Alternative Swear Words

Swearing can get you into trouble. But it won’t anymore.

Instead of saying sh*t, you could say:

Schist – type of volcanic rock; metamorphic rock



You know, like the dog. For maximum effort, put more emphasis on the first four letters.

If you want to cuss but not use the infamous swear word beginning with ‘f’, you could try out:

Whakapapa – a ski field on Mt. Ruapehu

Similarly, there is:

Whakatane – a town located in New Zealand’s north island

These disguise the curse in another word, making them more acceptable to use in everyday situations.

Alternatively you can compound words to make an awesome swear word. Using ‘peanut butter’ as an example:

Stubbed your toe? Just yell “Pea-NUTS!”

Jammed your hand in the door? “For the love of peanut butter BALLS!”

Be as inventive as you like.

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