Paintballing Fun

Today, I played paint ball for the first time. A group of friends and I played in a facility that was an office floor converted into an urban arena. Here are some DO’s and DON’T’s of paint balling, as told by my experience.

DO expect your friends/fellow players to be brutal. Paint ball brings out a different side of people. There was no mercy on the battle field today. In a game of capture the flag, my friend and I were cornered and shot at point blank by the opposing team while they stole the flag. I was bruised not only physically, but also emotionally.

Photo 26-01-15 7 22 23 pm

DO wear your face mask. First rule of paint balling: never take off your face mask (until you have left the arena). Although the mask can become foggy, it’s not worth losing your vision from a rogue paint ball.

DON’T wave your paint-ball gun around. When you’re not using the gun, it’s best to point it at the ground but not as to shoot your feet.

DO find good hiding spots. In the arena, there was a selection of inflatable objects, walls and barrels to hind behind. As I found out the hard way, failing to find cover quickly can be painful.

The arena

The arena

DON’T worry about looking fashionable. Baggy, paint splattered overalls don’t look good on anyone.

DO expect paint ball to hurt. However, adrenaline and time will make you forget about the welts until lovely bruises form later.

DO reward yourself after paint ball. This activity on a hot summer’s day is complemented well with a serving of ice cream/frozen yoghurt.

Photo 26-01-15 12 07 17 pm

I highly recommend paint balling to anyone looking for a fun activity and chance to seek revenge on friends!

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