DO’s and DON’T’s for Your First Year at University

DO make coffee your friend. Discard those sugary energy drinks and replace them with coffee. Coffee will get you through a lot of long nights you spend awake finishing (or starting) assignments.

DON’T leave assignments to the last minute. In writing this, I am a hypocrite. ‘Due tomorrow do tomorrow’ was once my life motto. However, sleepless nights makes for poorly written essays and additional stress I do not need. This year, in my third year of university, I am striving to complete every assignment ONE day before it is due, rather than one hour before the deadline.

DO wrap a bed-sheet around a body and place a fake reef on your head! I missed out on the opportunity to go to the annual Greek dance party for new students and have regretted it ever since. Please don’t make this mistake. Even if the party turns out to be lame and full of drunk first years, you can always ditch. At least you can say that you went to it.

DON’T be too afraid to talk to anybody at university. In my first year, I failed to make any friends. I kept to myself and was shy. However, in my second year, I began talking to three other students who would become my friends. This would not have been possible if I had never taken a chance to speak to these then weird strangers.

DO expect to get lost (on campus). Everything always seems bigger when it is unfamiliar to you. Do you remember how big you once thought your high school was? That may be how university feels at first. However, there are several things you can do to help this. Before classes begin, you can go on a campus tour. During your first week/s, show up to your classes early to allow time for getting lost. Also, don’t be afraid to ask another person where the heck you are if you think you’re in the right building when really you should be across campus.

DON’T expect everything on this list to apply to you. I have written from the experiences I have had in my three years at university. These are some observations I have noted, and they may be unique to me and my university. I hope that some of these tips DO help.


  1. ryan695 · January 30, 2015

    Good stuff 🙂 I’ll defiantly keep it in mind for this year haha 😉

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