People You Will Find In Wellington

Known as Wellingtonians, these people occupy New Zealand’s capital city. Here are three types of people you will find in Wellington:

Type: University students

Location: These people occupy Victoria University’s campuses by day and bars and clubs by night.

How to identify: University students are weighed down by a stack of books held in their arms or bag. In the mornings, they sip on coffee, looking hung over and/or like they regret choosing morning classes. Come exam season, students look stressed and on the verge of tears.

I speak from experience, as I am a university student in Wellington.

Photo 15-01-15 12 41 21 pm

Type: Business men and women

Location: Office buildings and shops in Wellington

How to identify: Business men and women wear expensive professional clothing. A take-away cup of coffee is held in one hand while a smart phone is in the other. Occasionally, they appear to be talking to themselves but in reality, they are speaking to the latest Blue-tooth device in their ear. Most wear lanyards around their necks.

Photo 26-01-15 12 56 42 pm

Type: Tourists

Location: Wellington’s tourist areas including the waterfront, Te Papa (a museum), the Cable Car and Parliament.

How to identify: Tourists speak in different accents and languages. They sport tacky tourist t-shirts on their torsos and large cameras are worn around their necks. Usually, a large map is held out in front of them, blowing in the wind while looks of confusion are painted on their faces.

There are other groups of people I have not mentioned. If you are ever in Wellington, feel free to play bingo and check off each type of people as you discover them.

One comment

  1. Tessa Jane · January 31, 2015

    Omfg this is so true! Gotta love Wellington though

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