Leaving University?

2015 marks my third and potentially last year of university. As my graduation date comes closer and closer, I find myself often wondering about what I should do in the future.

Do I stay at university and do Honours? Should I then do Masters followed by a PhD? Or should I graduate and find a full-time job?

These are the questions that haunt me.

What makes me want to pursue a Honours degree is my interest and passion for Classics and Politics. The opportunity to study these fields in greater depth attracts me to this option. Additionally, I do not feel ready to leave university. If you think about it, university students have been in school for most of their lives. My education began at age 5, when I began primary school. The learning has not stopped since.

Although I get tired of assignments, being graded and going to classes, this is the life I have known for 15 years. I do not feel ready to leave it just yet. University is my safety net. But does that justify doing an Honours degree? Should I just graduate and get on with my life?

The other option is finding a full-time job. This in itself is an issue. I have idea what career I want to pursue. Becoming a government employee, a journalist or working in a museum are all options that can apply to me and my BA degree. Again, my head runs through hypothetical situations. Will I get a job that makes me happy? Will the job pay a decent wage that will support my living options? Will I be unemployed or forced to take a job which I know I will not enjoy? Will I be up against other candidates who have higher qualifications? Will I regret leaving university?

These questions are running through my head all the time. I must reach a final decision by the end of this year. If I don’t, I guess that I could always use a Magic 8 Ball to determine my future. Seems legit.

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