Cats Make Awesome Friends

Diamonds Cats are a girl’s best friend.

I came home for the summer period from flatting in another city. Of course, I was looking forward to sleeping in my old room, seeing my parents and eating home-cooked meals, but I was mostly excited about seeing my cat.

My cat is called Mojo. He is half wild cat and half dog. Well, my mum claims that he is an ordinary Tom cat. I, on the other hand, reject this claim because I have failed to see a Tom cat the same size of Mojo.



Mojo’s favourite activities include sleeping, eating, playing with his toy and chilling with me. I consider Mojo to be a friend of mine, and you should befriend your cat too.

Cats are better than human friends because:

1. You appreciate a cat when it decides to interact with you. Human friends are guaranteed to talk to you but they can  become clingy and annoying.

Cats, on the other hand, are known to avoid humans like the plague for several days because, well, they are cats. Due to this, you can really appreciate the time your cat allows you to spend with it.

2. Cats cannot talk. 

With the exception of occasional meowing, cats are quiet creatures who are awesome to hang out with.

3. Cats appreciate you giving them food.

Shouting a mate food will make your friend appreciative for about an hour, until they have forgotten this generous deed  and ask you to buy them something else. By feeding a cat, you earn their trust and win over their friendship.



4. You can take stealthy photographs of your cat without them getting bothered.

I don’t know about you, but 99% of photos on my cell phone are of Mojo. I have pictures of him sleeping and playing but mostly of him sleeping. I do not take many photos of my friends, especially not when they’re sleeping but I can guarantee you that when I take a picture of them, they WILL want to see it. If they look “ugly”, I will have to delete it and wait until I take a photo they all approve of. Cats don’t care how they look!

5. Cats are not bothered by embarrassing nick names. My family has created an ever-growing list nick names for my cat. Other names for Mojo include Moj, Mojee, Mojee Pants (not one I came up with), and it just gets worse from there. No matter what we call him, he usually just ignores us anyway!

6. Cats understand personal space. 

Cats go off and do their own thing. When they want to, usually because they are hungry, cats will then return to their owners for some petting and affection. My cat and I are so close that he even wakes me up at 2 am some mornings just to chill. I love being woken up to the sound of ominous scratching on my bedroom door. But we’re cool.


  1. lordharshnandan · January 30, 2015

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    • oliviasev · January 30, 2015

      Thank you. I will definitely check out your blog!

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