Introducing Myself

In 1994, some pretty major events occurred. Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s president, a civil war broke out in Rwanda and the Winter Olympics were held in Lillehammer, Norway. Also, in September of that year, I was born.


I was raised in New Zealand, a small but awesome country to the right of Australia and have lived here ever since.

Let’s fast-forward to today. You’re not missing much. In short, I grew older physically and mentally over the last 20 years although my brother would say my mental age is that of a 15 year old.

Currently, it is summer and the holiday period in New Zealand. In four weeks I return to my university in Wellington where I am finishing my BA majoring in International Relations and Classical Studies. The classes I have enrolled in this year both excite and interest me but as always, I am anxious about getting good grades.

The experiences I have inspire my advice, humorous and rambling blogs. This year, I hope to take my followers a journey as I complete my third year of university and navigate life. I hope to further my writing skills, gain more blog followers and enjoy my early 20’s.

Most importantly, my goal is to make people smile. If my blog makes each reader smile, at least once, then I am doing something right!

– Olivia

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