What I learned Watching the Super Bowl

I imagine that how I feel as a Kiwi watching American football is like how an alien would feel after landing on an unfamiliar planet. Completely out of our element. However, I preserved and watched the Super Bowl. Here are some enlightening thoughts I had:

1. Butt-touching is quite acceptable. In fact, it is used as encouragement when a player makes a successful play. Go team!

Photo 2-02-15 2 40 55 pm

2. If you don’t know what team to root for, support the team that is winning/has the cooler uniform/best looking players. Go Patriots!

3. My god Quarterbacks can throw long distances!

4. Katy Perry is a queen. KP 1 – 0 world

5. I really need to learn the rules of football

6. There are a lot of players on the football field. To be exact, there are 22 players. There’s a chance I searched Google for this fact.

7. My life goal will not be achieved until I become a mascot for a football team.

8. To impress your friends and family of your ‘knowledge’ of the sport, when watching a game, just repeat what the commentators say (but mixing it up in a way to make yourself not sound like a parrot).

9. Left Shark is my spirit animal

By the time the Super Bowl rolls around next year, I hope to have a greater understanding of football. At least, I hope I meet someone who can teach me the rules.



One comment

  1. Finance, M.D. · February 3, 2015

    If they stick to Roman numerals as they always do, next year will Super Bowl L 🙂 🙂 Though I heard they’re going to make an exception next year and use Super Bowl 50 instead.

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