App of the Month: Yik Yak

Upvote what’s good

Downvote what’s not

An iphone app I have discovered recently is Yik Yak. I have been hooked to this app ever since.

Yik Yak is best described as anonymous tweeting.

Photo 6-02-15 12 53 01 pm

Yik Yak users can post an idea or thought, which receive comments and up-votes or down-votes. The best part of this application is the anonymity – no-one knows who you are!

I enjoy the insight this app gives me. I can see what people in my region are thinking or what college students from Florida State University are up to.

You can peek anywhere in the world to see what’s going on.

The only criticism I have for Yik Yak is in regard to not being to up-vote and down-vote comments from outside your region. However, I will enjoy wasting numerous more hours on this app, especially during university classes!

Yaks from my area.

Yaks from my area.

Rated 17+.

I was not sponsored by Yik Yak to promote this app.

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