People at the Wellington Sevens

It’s that time of year again. The Wellington Sevens kicked off this weekend.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Wellington has been torn up by a hurricane of wild, drunk people in giraffe onesies and other types of costumes.

The Wellington Sevens is where Halloween meets rugby.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Alongside giraffes, there are half arsed Captain Jack Sparrows, intoxicated fairies, walking tombstones and the entire Flintstone family.

For most people, the Sevens is more about the partying than watching the rugby. It was interesting watching these people wonder around Wellington last night.

Tigers and jungle kids looked like they jumped out of Katy Perry’s Roar music video … after a couple of shots.

One guy pushed his friend into a nearby bush.

Their loud yelling and shrieks could be heard for miles. Watching them stumble while trying to act sober was rather amusing.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Multiple times I had to ask myself ‘is that a police man or someone dressed as a cop?’

I personally would have dressed up as ‘Left Shark’ (from the Super Bowl half-time show) had I attended the Sevens. Next year, my goal is to go to the Sevens as another half arsed Jack Sparrow.

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