Music Monday

Music Monday: Canadian edition.

Here are my 5  favourite songs by Canadian artists.

1. Rich Girl$ by Down With Webster

Not only did this band make an awesome cover of Hall and Oats 1976 hit Rich Girl, the seven guys who make up Down With Webster also prove that bands don’t just have to have 4-5 members.

Side note: based on their music video, DTW knows how to throw an awesome house party.

2. Something Big by Shawn Mendes

Dubbed the next Justin Bieber, Mendes’ fame grew after releasing 6 second videos of his singing. Something Big follows Mendes’ smash hit Life of the Party which became a Platinum single in Canada and Sweden.

3. Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé makes the hearts of adult women swoon with his charming smile and bubbly music (see what I did there?). For these reasons, Bublé takes the third position on this list.

4. Haven’t Had Enough Marianas Trench

Named after the largest underwater trench in the world, Marianas Trench touches on ‘deep’ issues in their songs (I am on a roll today). Haven’t Had Enough is one such song. The song can be intepreted different ways but to me, it is about a relationship which is on the verge of ending. However, there is hope as it seems like the couple will give their relationship a second chance.

5. My Heart Will Go On by Celene Dion Kiss You Inside Out by Hedley

The initial strumming of an electric guitar will draw you into listening to this catch song. The video reflects on the tumultuous and loving relationship that ensues after two individuals meet by crashing their cars.

It’s one hell of a train wreck car crash of a song.

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