Walking On A Cloud: The Milford Track

In 2010, my family embarked on our South Island adventure. Along the way, we rode the luge at Queenstown and saw the glow worms at Te Anau but the highlight of our trip was walking the Milford Track.


Known as the ‘finest walk in the world,’ the Milford Track offers trampers (hikers) the opportunity to traverse through glacier carved mountains, valleys and forests.


A city girl my whole life, I was in awe. Avalanche paths. Endless waterfalls. Native bird sightings. Snow capped mountains and forests. One moment, we approached a cloud. Next, we were walking in the thick of it and then looked down on the cloud from the summit.


19848_1218198811721_395985_n 19848_1218198931724_3024527_n

Reaching the summit was an experience I will never forget. It made us reflect on how far we had come.

19848_1218199251732_4650409_n 19848_1218198451712_6705167_n

Blisters. Mosquito bites. Heavy packs. Impossibly sore muscles. One proud grin on my face. We made it.


19848_1218199811746_35437_n 19848_1218199891748_4332141_n

53.5 kilometers. 4 days. 1 incredible experience.

Additional information can be found on this website: http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/tracks-and-walks/fiordland/northern-fiordland/milford-track/


  1. ibdunn · February 20, 2015

    sounds wonderful Great account and pictures!

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