Pub Quiz Knowledge

Tonight, my flat mates and I went to a local pub quiz. For what the five of us lacked in knowledge about geography and entertainment we more than made up in 90’s music, entertainment and science (contributions given mostly by the science and music major. The rest of us were there for moral support apparently!) 

Surprisingly, we scored second place. Not a bad effort! Here is what I learned from my experience:

1. Pub quizzes teach you random and mostly useless facts and trivia. For example:  

  • Auckland was founded as a city in 1871
  • Larry is the name of the Twitter bird, named after NFL player Larry Bird
  • 50 Cent was born in New York
  • The longitude line running at 180 degrees is the International Date Line
  • Syria and Israel border Lebanon 

I am sure I will never need to know this information except in the event of another pub quiz. 

2. Awesome pub quiz team names come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Teams were called:

  • I can’t say that!
  • The dress IS blue and gold
  • Harry, you’re a quizard!
  • Sex, drugs and sausage rolls 

There are other team names that were memorable but I cannot publish them as they included naughty puns, mixing body parts with swear words. They were quite groan worthy.


  1. SW_ysobel · February 28, 2015

    I do love useless trivia ! And listen to podcast with loads of trivia like Good Job Brain ! You will love it !

    • oliviasev · February 28, 2015

      Thanks for the feedback! I’ll give the podcast a listen.

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