Worst Case Scenario

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Worst Case Scenario.”

In light of me starting my third year of university tomorrow, I have thought about the Worst Case Scenarios that could happen. I have chosen to imagine such scenarios a day from now rather than today like the prompt suggests. What can I say? I have always been a bit of a dare devil.

If some of my fears came true tomorrow, it would be because I:

  • Forgot to set my alarm clock and consequently, walked into a lecture theater late. Of course, only the seats closest to the isles are taken, so I would only draw more attention to myself asking people to shuffle along the row. I dislike the feeling of running late and disruption, in particular being the cause of disruption. On second thought, I might just set two alarms tonight, just in case.
  • Was singled out by a lecturer in class. One of my favourite lecturers calls out students who are texting/reading/doing anything else but listen to him speak. I respect him for doing so, as he puts in time and effort into his lecturers, so the least students should do is pay attention for 50 minutes. However, in the rare occasion that I break this rule (most likely for being mistaken by the lecturer for texting when really playing Candy Crush), I would slump so far into my seat in a futile attempt to become invisible.

On a more positive note, the best case scenario I am hoping for looks like a day older version of myself happy with her choice in classes, which greatly interest her and her schedule, which gives her two days off every week.

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