In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Object Lesson.”

What an individual wears can reveal much about their personality. For instance, in many ways, my character is embodied by the pair of jeans I wear. They reveal that:

1. I value comfort over style any day. I feel more confident wearing my blue ripped jeans than a skirt or dress (or a skort). I will most definitely never wear a skort! I believe that if you don’t feel confident in your outfit before you leave your house, you certainly won’t feel confident in what you are wearing when you leave it.

2. I do not like change. Jeans have been my go-to preferred style of pants for as long as I can remember. I rarely change up my fashion choices, so wearing a dress to my Year 12 ball pushed me out of my comfort zone. I needed a full two months to prepare myself in anticipation of that night, not in anticipation of the costs involved or the bad photos I will be tagged in but for simply wearing a dress.

I may make an exception for my wedding day. Although, thinking about it, I could channel Britney Spears at the 2001 American Music Awards and sport a denim wedding dress.

I aspire to be her one day. Source: Flickr.

I aspire to be her one day. Source: Flickr.

3. Convenience. Jeans conveniently match well with many items of clothing including t-shirts, shirt shirts, sweat shirts, jackets and jumpers. Jeans are a blessing in disguise.

So, to answer the question regarding what item my friends would associate me with, my response would be jeans.